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Celebrate your Independence with us at The Bar!

Dear Bar Patrons,

As many of you know, The Bar came in second place in two categories for this year’s Best of Tahoe! Thank you all for your votes and dedication. I personally think all of the instructors and you, our clients, make The Bar the best regardless of the competition. This newsletter is short and sweet so you can get on with your summer!

PS: Haven’t you been loving TRX and Cardio Barre???

July Client of the Month

Aga Zalewska!

Little about me:

I was born in Poland and moved to Tahoe in 2008. I have always been a fan of outdoors and anything that had to do with sports. I love mountain biking, swimming, hiking and spending time on a beach with my husband and two boys. Last few years I spent at school getting my degree and studying for the CPA exams. You can find me at "The Bar" after every April 15th burning off Tax Season fat:)

Get Your Drink On

Since I was sick and unable to host our cocktail party in June, we’ve rescheduled it for August 11 from 4-6. Put it on your calendars now as we’ll have raffles, cocktails, music, food and amazing company.

Independence Day

Get your sweat on before hitting the beach on July 4. The Bar will hold a 6 am Kickboxing class with Tracy and an 8:15 am Cardio Barre class with Robyn. Be sure to sign up!

Students Welcome

Some of you might have some bored kids at home this summer. Bring them to The Bar! The Bar offers at New Student 30 Day Unlimited package for only $35, ages 13+.

Sweat it Out

We have sweat towels for $12! Get yours today!

New Cancellation Policy

As we now have TRX in place and it has limited space, we’ve implemented a new cancellation policy that will apply to all classes. If you need to cancel, please cancel thirty minutes in advance. That will allow time for someone else to potentially take your place. If you don’t cancel before the thirty minutes, you will lose one class from your class card or previously purchased dropin. Also, because we have limited TRX set-ups, if you are late to class your reservation will be given to the first in line on the waitlist. Please arrive on time to guarantee your spot in TRX class.

A Few More Summer Schedule Changes! This summer, we are busy trying to stream-line our schedule to make it perfect for our clients! With that said, we have just a couple more changes to make. Starting next week, please make note of the following changes:

Tuesday and Thursday 7:15am will no longer be Power Yoga. As of Tuesday 7/24we will be offering Barre in the 7:15am timeslot both Tuesday and Thursday.

We also know that the rotating Saturday schedule was confusing to many of you, so we have decided to remove both Kickboxing and Power Yoga from the 9:30am slot and add Cardio Barre instead!!! Now you will have a chance to try it out Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every Saturday starting 7/28!

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