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It's Spring!

Dear Bar Patrons: Happy spring! Happy Easter! Please read on to find out our April news...



Tiffany moved from the East coast with her husband, Dennis, in 2000 and fell in love with Tahoe. She has two crazy, lovable dogs – Salt & Zeno. In Tahoe, she loves skiing, hiking, baking and napping on the beach, but she is always up for a Road Trip adventure! She is about to celebrate one year at The Bar. The variety of classes and instructors keep her motivated to keep moving! Tiffany is the Director of Group Services and Catering at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel. She also serves on the board of directors for the Tahoe Chamber and as President of the Reno Tahoe Chapter of NACE (National Association for Catering & Events).

Fun in the Sun!

As spring break approaches (thank goodness!), note that some of the classes will be changed and/or modified from the 7th-14th. Please see MindBody for the most up-to-date schedule.

Tuesday/Thursday 12:15 Yoga

Beginning in April, we will no longer be offering our Tuesday/ Thursday 12:15 pm class. This isn’t to say that a 12:15 class won’t pop up in the future, but for now, the class is cancelled.

Leftovers On a daily basis, The Bar receives lots of water bottles, clothing, hair ties, etc. We will be donating all of the leftover items at the end of the first week of April (April 7). If you’ve left any of your personal items at the studio, please be sure to pick them up ASAP.

Welcome K & K!

Em is about to pop! Because of this, we have two new lovely ladies who are currently training to teach barre: Kira Fernandez and Kim Zimmerman. You will be seeing their names on the schedule as we get closer to the end of the month.

Bringing Sexy Back

Kass is back from her dance workshop and is rarin’ to teach one of her heel routines! So, we obviously need to have a Coyote Ugly class. It’s scheduled for Friday, April 27 at 5:30 pm.

24th Annual Best of Tahoe 2018! It's that time of year again when we ask you to choose us as the very best at what we do from around the lake. Vote for us for best studio/fitness location in Tahoe. Or vote for your favorite The Bar instructor individually!

Exciting Things Coming Our Way!

Cardio Barre and TRX classes will be offered come this summer!

Stay in the know...

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Jess’ Healthy Tip

Inflammation is one of the body’s protection mechanisms. The process of inflammation includes multiple chemical reactions that support fighting infection, increasing blood flow to areas that need healing, and generating pain to serve as a signal that something in the body requires attention. However, chronic inflammation is detrimental to our health and wellness. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases including the following: Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, chronic pain, depression, eczema, type II diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, migraines, and stroke. Engaging in an anti-inflammatory diet along with exercise, adequate and quality sleep and stress management will support you in your fight against chronic inflammation.

Eat More: Omega 3 Fatty Acids- salmon, tuna, walnuts, ground flax seeds or oil, chia seeds Antioxidants- yellow, red, and orange vegetables (peppers, carrots), dark leafy greens (spinach, kale), citrus fruits, berries, apples, unsweetened black and green teas, onions, garlic, broccoli, sweet potatoes Fiber- fruits, vegetables, legumes, oats, quinoa, brown/wild rice Spices- ginger, rosemary, turmeric, oregano, cayenne, clove, nutmeg Anti-inflammatory snack ideas: • Edamame and cherry tomatoes • Walnuts and fresh cherries • Almonds and an apple • A pear with almond butter • Fresh berries and roasted chickpeas

Avoid Eating: Trans- and Omega 6 Fats- red meat, dairy products, partially hydrogenated oils (found in packaged snacks such as crackers, pastries etc.),sunflower, soybean, corn, safflower oils Refined carbohydrates- white bread, white rice, sweetened cereals, cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, syrups


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