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The Bar is ONE Year Old!

Dear Bar Patrons, It's hot, it's sunny, it's Summer!!! Lather up and get ready because we've been waiting for this weather for a LONG time! Here's what is on tap for this summer at THE BAR:

The Bar is ONE Year Old!

That's right! The Bar has been open one entire year....granted, two locations, but a year nonetheless! To celebrate, The Bar is offering COMPLIMENTARY classes ALL day Saturday, July 8th, followed by a good ol' fashioned barbecue starting at 5:30pm at Robyn's house to commemorate the event. The day's schedule, while also posted online, is as follows:

Schedule of classes for Saturday July 8th: 7:00am : Insanity with Terre 8:15am : Barre with Robyn 9:30am: Boot Camp with Tiffany 10:45am: Pilates with Thea 12:00pm: Cardio Dance with Kassi 1:15pm: Boot Camp with Willie 2:30pm: Power Yoga with Andrea 3:45pm: Kickboxing with Tracy. Bring your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues....anyone, really! Why wouldn't you introduce them to The Bar? Questions? Contact

Guest Teacher

Have you seen Shaina Lucas at The Bar? No? That's impossible! She is there all the time! Her sister is just as awesome! Jesse Bennett, Shaina's sister, will be teaching a barre/yoga/pilates fusion class on Saturday, July 22 at 9:30am. Jesse and Robyn go way back.... to homecoming Robyn's freshmen year of high school where they went together with dates who are no longer memorable! Be sure to check out Jesse's class!

There's probably more, but you can check the website and/or studio for more updates! Remember, hit up The Bar, because no good story ever started with a salad! Cheers, The Bar

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