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October Newsletter


To All of My Favorite Bar Patrons,

I hope the start of the school year and the new fall weather finds you well. I can’t believe The Bar has been open for just over three entire months! It is all thanks to you, the clients. So thank you for allowing The Bar to thrive! Anyhow, there is information to be dispensed, so here it goes.

October Location

We can stay in our current location through the month of October! Woo hoo!

Gotta Go?

Make sure you use the E Wing bathroom when attending classes at The Bar. It’s three lefts from the studio and requires a key that is on the front desk in the studio. I realize that many of you have taken classes at the yoga studio and know there is a bathroom in that building; however, that is off limits to clients at The Bar. So please, use the bathroom that has been allocated to The Bar. Thank you! (There will be a bathroom inside the new studio. . . and that’s only 3 weeks away!)

New Studio Status Update

After running all of the numbers and negotiating a lease with The Crossing, I have opted against going into their center. While it’s going to be a wonderful new center, the cost and lease requirements are a little too far out of my playing field at the moment. I wish the center nothing but success, but I need to do what is best for The Bar So, I will be moving to 2264 Lake Tahoe Blvd. The lease has been signed, and the buildout will begin tomorrow. My uncle and father will be completing the design and buildout of the new studio, which I am very excited about! And we still plan to be opening the new location the beginning of November. We will have more classes and more instructors on the schedule!

The Green Stuff


’d just like to reiterate the prices will be going up slightly when the new studio opens. If you are a current monthly member, they will remain the same for you. So tell all of your friends to join now to get our current rates. We also have student memberships with valid school IDs.

Thank you all for your patience and dedication. I look forward to a long, fit and happy future with you at The Bar.


Robyn and The Bar

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