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The Bar is a boutique studio that offers classes such as Bootcamp, Barre, Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga, TRX and more.  We provide both low-impact and high-impact classes to keep you motivated and safe.  Our single studio space has an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere and is open to all levels.


Moreover, all instructors are able to modify exercises to fit your personal physical needs.  We have a changing room and a restroom on site. Our central location, class variety and availability will allow you to more easily fit fitness into your busy lives.  We look forward to meeting you at The Bar. 

*****Please note: If you are returning to exercise after an injury, illness or pregnancy and require physician approval, we ask that you bring a signed doctors note clearing you for specific exercises. This ensures that all of our teachers are prepared to help with any needed modifications or are aware of special considerations. 

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